Beverages (minimum order = 5)

Fairtrade coffee and tea - £2.50
Fairtrade coffee, tea and biscuits - £3.25
Fairtrade coffee, tea and snacks (Premium snack bags with a selection of sweet and savoury snacks, a healthier alternative to your afternoon refreshments) - £4.00

BELU mineral water 750ml (all profits go back to 3rd world water projects) - £3.60
Fruit juice 1 litre - £4.50

Mini croissants & pastry selection (2pp) - £3.50
Mini muffins (2pp) - £3.00

Break Time Indulgence - £5.50

Fairtrade coffee and tea served with a selection of cakes

Please note these prices do not include VAT

There is an additional charge for a Saturday or evening