Accessibility Statement

We understand the importance of creating inclusive web experiences that are accessible to as many people as possible.

This statement was first published on 28 February 2023 and last updated on 3 March.

Our approach

Our approach to accessibility is informed by the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). These are an internationally recognised set of recommendations for improving web accessibility. Our target is to achieve as full compliance with WCAG 2.1 as is practically possible. To help achieve this we have embedded accessibility standards into our website development and content creation processes. This includes:

  • Touch targets – We ensure that all elements of the user interface are sufficiently large and spaced to make them easy to individually click or tap.
  • Colour contrast – Careful attention is paid to the contrast between foreground and background elements to ensure that text and user interface elements are always clear.
  • Keyboard navigation – Users are able to navigate and interact with the website using just a keyboard.
  • Screen readers – Additional support is provided specifically for screen readers to help interpret elements, identify menus and jump to different content areas.
  • Font sizes – A font size of at least 16px is used for core content and user interface items. No text appears under 13px in size. Users can also scale text up to 200% without breaking the user interface.
  • Clear headings – We use headings to give structure to our pages so it is easier to navigate, especially if you are using a screen reader.
  • Content linearisation – As far as possible content is presented within the website code in the same order as it appears on the page.
  • Use of images – Where images aren’t purely decorative, descriptive alternative text or captions are provided.
  • Link anchor text – We try to ensure that button labels and linked text is meaningful in isolation and not overly repetitive.
  • Reading level – Content is written using everyday English, avoiding jargon where possible. We try to keep sentences short and avoid common readability barriers such as allcaps.
  • Browser & device support – We try to ensure that all content and functionality is accessible across the latest versions of the most popular web browsers and device types.

Known limitations

We know some parts of our website are not fully accessible and this is something we are actively working to improve. These limitations includes:

  • Some content is presented in PDF or other file formats that may not be fully accessible to screen reader software.
  • Some content may be hard to read, with long sentences or complex language.
  • Not all parts of our website are searchable.
  • In places heading levels are skipped in the presentation of text content.
  • Not all links are descriptive or indicate when they lead to a file or external source.
  • Where our website includes third-party content or services we cannot guarantee their accessibility.
  • Not all motion animation can be disabled.

Feedback and access requests

We always welcome feedback on our accessibility efforts and we will also do our best to fulfil any requests to supply content in alternative formats. To do this please email us at 20CavendishSquare@rcn.org.uk. Please allow up to 10 working days for us to respond.


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